Pamela Mann

Pamela Mann - Corporate Responsibility

Pamela Mann believe that it is their responsibility to provide the best quality hosiery products possible, in a way that does not harm the environment. They do not believe in unethical trading. Pamela Mann products are manufactured in Europe in accredited audited factories. Their Hinckley Factory is Sedex accredited and all of their merchandise comes from Oeke-Tex accredited factories.

European Quality

All printing, embellishment and packing is undertaken in their UK warehouse, to the highest British standards of safety and quality. All of their items undergo a long detailed quality control process that ensures every item is tested and analysed to provide ultimate satisfaction.

Carbon Footprint

As all of their products are manufactured in Europe, this results in a low carbon footprint. They are always striving to ensure their carbon footprint is kept as low as possible. All of their packaging is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Pamela Mann launching recycled hosiery and working towards developing even more

Pamela Mann is working hard to change the most popular and bestselling products to recycled materials. Using specialist Nilit Ecocare recycled yarn, they are making a step towards inspiring a worldwide shift in the processes and behaviour within the textiles industry.

Why use recycled yarn?

Ecocare yarn was developed to reduce the impact of textiles manufacturing upon the environment, with the industry being the second most polluting industry on earth. ‘We are on a mission to inspire our customers to change the extremely popular core products, 50 and 80 denier black tights, and take part in the global change, swapping these products for our new recycled versions’, said managing director Robert Morris. ‘We are beginning with our global best-selling products and actively looking to expand our recycled range throughout 2018 and beyond’.

Pamela Mann already actively ensures that all the factories used to produce stock, are Oeke-Tex certified, meaning that all of their products are tested thoroughly to ensure efficient consumer safety. The selected factories involved in the production process are all eco-friendly, solar powered factories that utilize recycled water. © 2022